Q. I don't have any pelvic health issues, why should I book an appointment?

A. The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence recommends that ALL women should be completing pelvic floor muscle training at all stages of life for prevention of pelvic floor dysfunction. This is regardless of whether they have issues or not, have had children or not, or their age.

It is important to know that floor exercises aren’t always about strength. It is also about relaxation and coordination, particularly if you are active and love your exercise. Also did you know research shows that up to 30% of women aren’t completing their exercises correctly!?

Zara will be able to screen your pelvic health and teach you the best way to engage your muscles and incorporate these into your lifestyle and exercise routine.

Q. I have have mild pelvic floor symptoms, it's not a huge bother, what should I do? 

A. We recommend you booking an online physiotherapy appointment ("Online (Telehealth) Initial Pelvic Health Physiotherapy Appointment). This appointment is 30-minutes in duration and delivered by Telehealth so you can attend your appointment at a time and place that suits you! No worries about traffic, parking, or taking extensive time away from work - this appointment is easy for you and value packed.

For this appointment, you will also have access to online resources to pursue in your own time prior to the appointment, making sure that you get the most value out of your time (and your money!).

Q. When should I book a face-face appointment over an online appointment?

A. If you have a pelvic health condition that is becoming a bother and impacting your life and well-being a face-face appointment for at least the first appointment is recommended so that a comprehensive in-person physical assessment can be completed.

In saying this, we understand that not all women have convenient access to face-face healthcare secondary to location or personal factors.  Boutique Pelvic Health aims to bridge this gap in healthcare by providing online appointments accessible to women and individuals all over Australia.

Q. I live remotely, should I wait until I can travel to see a Pelvic Health physiotherapist in person?

A. No. Although we do recommend best practice to see a Pelvic Health physiotherapist in-person for the reasons listed above, we know that many Pelvic Health concerns and conditions can be addressed with comprehensive questioning and education. This can be provided over an online appointment.

Boutique Pelvic Health does not wish you to delay seeking help for your Pelvic Health concerns, or leave them to progress further. Early intervention is always best.

Q. If I book a face-face appointment, is there always a physical assessment?

A. No.   A physical assessment is only completed if necessary.  The physiotherapist will provide an explanation of the procedure, other options for assessment and your informed consent will be sought before any assessment is undertaken. It is your choice to have someone else present if you wish. You also have the right at each appointment to decline or limit assessment.

Q. Do you accept NDIS clients? 

A. Yes. Zara accepts NDIS plan and self managed clients. Please contact Zara via email, admin@boutiquepelvichealth.com or phone (07) 5552 1912 to coordinate an appropriate appointment.

Q. Do you accept GP Management Plans (Chronic Disease Management Plans)?

A. Yes.  Persistent pelvic pain and incontinence are considered chronic conditions if they have been a concern for over 6 months and are eligible for a GP management plan.

This will need to be organised by you with your GP prior to your visit to claim. It is important to understand that only your GP will decide whether you are eligible to receive a GP management plan. This can also be started at any point during your physiotherapy treatment.  The Medicare rebate allows you to subsidise some of the appointment cost for up to 5 sessions each calendar year. It is important to understand you will still be out of pocket a 'gap' amount, and will need to pay this. It cannot be used to claim with Private Health Insurance at the same visit.

Q. Do I need a referral?

A. No.  Physiotherapists in Australia are first-line practitioners and you do not need a referral.

However, a doctor’s referral is required if you are accessing our services as part of a GP management plan.  Please ensure this is either provided prior to your appointment or you can bring this paperwork to your appointment.

Q. What happens if I’m late for my appointment or miss it?

A. To respect the time of others attending the clinic, if you arrive late your remaining treatment time may be limited.

In the event of a late notice cancellation (within 24 hours) 50% of the consultation fee may be applied. A failure to attend an appointment will be treated in the same way as a late notice cancellation. Pre-payment may also be required for future appointments.

Q. Can I claim on private health insurance?

A. Yes. Physiotherapy services may be claimable through the extras cover of your private health insurance. The amount of rebate available varies considerably so please check with your provider if concerned prior to your appointment.

At each appointment you must pay the full fee for the service. We will provide you with a receipt so that you can claim through Medicare or your private health insurance.  It is important to understand that you will still be out of pocket for a ‘gap’ amount, and will need to pay this.

Q. What is the cost of an appointment?

A. All the costings for appointments can be found on the booking page. 

Please note that online (telehealth) consultations are minimally covered by private health insurance. It is best to check directly with your private health insurer whether there will be a rebate for an online consultation.

Q. How long is an appointment?

A. All appointment durations are found on the bookings page.

Q. What is informed consent?

A. Informed consent refers to every patient's right to be informed about their condition, and the risks and benefits of assessment and treatment options. Any treatment requires shared decision making.

We will actively listen and ask you for your input as to the treatment options you would like to choose. We will outline the condition and all treatment and assessment options. The risks, limitations and benefits of each mode of assessment and treatment are discussed and agreed to prior to commencing.

Prior to your first visit, you will receive information questions and a consent form  via email. This allows you to provide us with as much or as little information as you feel comfortable with.

You can return your completed information questions and consent form via email prior to your appointment time or bring the completed copy with you to your appointment.

Q. Are my records kept private and confidential?

A. Physiotherapists are registered practitioners with the Australian Health Practitioners Regulation Agency (AHPRA) and are subject to the privacy principles of the Privacy Act 1988, the Australian Privacy Principles (2014) and the Code of Conduct and Code of Ethics of the Australian Physiotherapy Association. 

This practice has systems in place to protect the security of your health records. They are kept in a secure location and no unauthorised person has access to them. Any email correspondence is saved to the secure practice management record and then deleted. Any disclosure of information to another health provider (or referrer) is only made if appropriate and with your consent.

Destruction of records usually occurs when they are no longer needed. For medico-legal reasons, we are required to maintain records for some time, even if you no longer attend the clinic.

You can review our privacy policy or terms and conditions.

Q. Should I cancel if I have my period?

A. No. There is no need to cancel due to your period. However, we will discuss what level of examination you are comfortable having on the day. For some women, a review when your pain is at its worse can help us identify the best strategies to give you relief.

Q. What clothes should I bring or wear?

A. It is useful to bring or wear loose fitting clothing to allow an accurate assessment of the muscles and structures around the pelvis. For example, a pair of shorts is helpful for this.

An internal assessment may require you to remove your clothing but suitable coverings are always provided.

Q. I’m not having any problems during my pregnancy, should I still see a physio?

A. That’s great! Physiotherapy during pregnancy is still beneficial to ensure you maintain your healthy habits and also to provide information and advice about your individual risk factors for birth.

If you are having no concerns, I recommend the minimum of a pregnancy review early in the second trimester (between week 12 to 20), at 32 weeks and again at 6 weeks post-birth.

Q. Can I bring my baby or children to the appointment?

A. We understand that it is often necessary to bring newborns or little children to the appointment and we will work around assessments as best we can to support you in this way. It can also be useful to bring a support person with you to allow appropriate time to complete any assessment.

Please note that children always remain the responsibility of their parent/s during your visit.

Q. Can I bring someone with me?

A. Yes. As the focus is always on your comfort, confidentiality and safety, you may bring someone to the appointment if you wish.

Before any assessment, we will ask if you want them present or for them to leave.

Q. Who can I contact if I still have questions?

A. We encouraged you to contact us directly at admin@boutiquepelvichealth.com.