A bit more about Zara...

  • In 2018, Zara completed her Masters of Clinical Physiotherapy | Major in Continence and Women's Health, at Curtin University. This dedication to her work and study allows Zara to be classified as an "Australian Physiotherapy of Australia Titled Women's, Men's and Pelvic Health Physiotherapist." In other words, you can rest assured you are receiving a high quality service from a trusted and highly credentialed provider.
  • Zara has worked alongside Urogynaecology doctors and nurses in the public health service for 7 years. In this role she was the Senior Physiotherapist in the Physiotherapy Led Pelvic Health Clinic (2016-2023). In this clinic she treated women with incontinence, prolapse, pelvic pain, sexual dysfunction, and tears after birth. Prior to this Zara's career experience was in inpatient and outpatient Women's Health services.
  • Zara has a strong interest in pelvic and sexual pain conditions.
  • Research and best practice care is paramount to Zara. Over the last 7 years Zara has published peer-reviewed research articles surrounding Pelvic Health and optimal provision of healthcare.

On a personal note,

  • Zara is a mum of two, a wife to one, and has an adorable golden retriever, Piper.
  • Zara is fortunate to have had both an empowering caesarian and vaginal birth - and is grateful to be in a unique position to blend these lived experiences into her work equally.
  • You will find Zara getting her hands dirty in her garden and spending time immersing herself in her Earth Woman course (dedicated to teaching women to cherish themselves and the earth through learning the sacred feminine and wisdom of the cycles). Zara also enjoys getting lost in a good book (when her kids let her!) and is always keen to hear your latest reads.
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