Do you accept NDIS clients?

Do you accept NDIS clients?

Yes! Zara believes everybody should have access to evidence-based, impactful pelvic health physiotherapy and education services.

Zara provides care to self and plan managed NDIS clients who have a pelvic health condition and goal related to this in their plan.

It is recommended to see a pelvic physiotherapist if you:

  • Feel urgent and have to rush to the toilet for bladder or bowel movements,
  • Are going to the toilet to urinate >6x day and waking >1 x night,
  • Have urine leakage that occurs on the way to the toilet, when you cough, sneeze, laugh, or are physically active, Strain or have hard lumpy stools when passing a bowel movement
  • Have less than three soft bowel movements a week

At Boutique Pelvic Health, we understand that it can be difficult and tiring to attend face-face appointments.  The bladder and bowel concerns listed above can often be managed well through comprehensive questioning and education. This can all be provided via an online (Telehealth) consultation in the comfort of your own home.

Please don't delay seeking the help you deserve. Contact Zara at Boutique Pelvic Health via email: or phone (07) 5552 1912 to coordinate your first appointment. Make sure you have a phone number and email address ready to make the booking. This is where booking information and an appointment link will be sent.

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